Pamela K. Cox
Executive Recruiter



     APAMA Recruiting Solutions was founded in 2010 by Pam Cox. Although the company is relatively newly formed, Pam Cox is a seasoned professional in the recruiting and search business. Pam started as a recruiter in the Minneapolis/St. Paul marketplace in 1973. She quickly became one of the top producers developing successful long term relationships with client companies and candidates alike. She was promoted to management in 1975 and was responsible for hiring, training and management of 10 professional recruiters. In 1975, she also was instrumental in starting a successful temporary staffing division. In 1978, she wrote a library of training manuals and produced audio and video training tools for StaffAmerica, a sister company to the recruiting firm that was a management consulting firm specifically to the temporary staffing industry. As a consultant with StaffAmerica, Pam assisted many companies nationally to either get started in the temporary staffing business or to refine and upgrade their existing businesses.

     After 15 years in Florida buying and renovating homes in Anna Maria Island, FL, Pam is gladly back in Minneapolis and the recruiting/search field.

     Pam's expertise is the personal/professional approach that she takes with each client/candidate. She also possesses a keen intuitive sense that serves her well when representing client companies on searches and recruiting the right candidate for those searches. Each client/candidate are professionally screened-needs and expectations are understood so that the time invested in the search is efficient and as pleasant as possible. Finding a new career situation or filling a career opportunity does not need to be arduous. Instead, the process can be exciting and relatively easy.

     APAMA Recruiting Solutions is a national recruiting/search firm with the expertise and tools to assist clients in any location. Feel free to contact Pam at 952-935-1476 or via email at You will be impressed with the personalized attention that you receive. Pam is not just "any recruiter".